A Guide to Dealing With Thumb Sucking

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When you begin to help your child with her thumb sucking habit, always encourage her to quit on her own terms rather than trying to force her to do so. Here are some facts to consider:

– Although it should only be used if other treatment levels have failed, your dentist can suggest products that taste bad and are specifically used to discourage children from sucking their thumbs.
– If a child sucks her thumb, she may contaminate her smile by introducing new bacteria to her mouth.
– Primary and adult teeth can be moved out of their proper alignment by thumb sucking habits.
– If you want to eliminate a child’s habit of thumb sucking, do not rely on pacifiers, as they can cause the same type of damage to your teeth that thumb sucking can.
– Children usually suck their thumbs because they are scared or insecure.
– Gentle encouragement and positive reinforcement can help your child kick the habit.

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