Additional Information About Pediatric Dentistry

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If you constantly find yourself at risk for keeping your child’s teeth and gums safe, it is important to bring them in for routine checkups at their pediatric dentist. Pediatric dentistry is designed to focus on the oral health care of younger individuals to ensure they receive the treatments they need.

The field of pediatric dentistry is an important one because as soon as a child’s first tooth erupts above the gum line, it will need to be cared for. If you ever neglect your child’s oral health, it can lead to several issues down the road. The sooner you bring your child in for an examination, the faster their care can begin. Typically, you should bring your child in before they are at least one year of age.

Because your child will not be able to care for their own mouth, they will need lots of assistance from others. Not only will they need routine care every day to keep their smile safe, but they will also need to visit our office for treatments if they are suffering from baby bottle tooth decay, teething or thumb sucking issues. We can help make sure that your child receives any treatments they need, including treatments such as sealants or X-rays.

If you would like more information about pediatric dentistry or would like to set up an appointment with Colmar Dentistry for Kids, you can call us at (215) 822-6777. Dr. Deanna Dudenbostel and our entire team here at our office in Montgomeryville, Pennsylvania, look forward to seeing you.