Are Your Kids Brushing Their Teeth?

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As parents, our children do not arrive with a parenting manual, so how do you know when to start teaching them about their oral care? Fortunately, our team here at Colmar Dentistry for Kids in Colmar, Pennsylvania, is pleased to help you guide your little ones learn good oral health habits, like brushing their teeth, while they are young.

For a healthy oral foundation, it’s wise to begin teaching your child about their oral care at a young age. If they learn healthy habits while they are young, this will help them attain positive oral health to last a lifetime. Dr. Deanna Dudenbostel cares about your child’s smile and oral health, and is she is happy to provide you these tips today to begin your child’s oral health education.

Young children don’t really know how to brush their teeth properly so it is up to you to provide ready assistance. You will want to choose a soft-bristled toothbrush for their small mouths, and angle the brush towards the gums and teeth. You can teach your child to move the brush gently and slowly back and forth along their teeth and gums. Make sure they brush their tongue as well, which removes bacteria from the surface.

Of course, dental visits should start as early as six months after your child’s first tooth erupts, or at least after their first birthday. The sooner they are familiar with the dentist and dental office, the healthier their smile care can begin and last throughout their lifetime. If you feel it’s time to bring your child in, we invite you to call (215) 822-6777 to set up an appointment with our friendly staff.