Dental Jokes to Tell Trick or Treaters on Halloween

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Halloween is almost here. That means the vampires are coming out of their coffins, ghosts and mummies are leaving their graves and witches are boiling toil and trouble. In other words, trick or treaters are coming to your door! You can make the experience more fun by telling them these corny jokes:

Q: What is a vampire’s biggest fear?
A: Tooth decay

Q: Why was the skeleton smiling so much?
A: He just got His teeth cleaned!

Q: What did the dentist say at the end of the mummy’s dental appointment?
A: Let’s wrap this up.

Q: Why are trick-or-treaters like false teeth?
A: They both come out at night!

Q: What did the dentist tell the Jedi?
A: May the floss be with you!

Q: Why did the witch drive to her dentist appointment?
A: Her broom was in the shop.

Q: Why was the mummy’s head wrapped?
A: He had a toothache!

Halloween is a fun holiday, but all that candy can sometimes do dental damage. If you want to help kids stay healthy on Halloween, consider putting sugarless gum in their bags in addition to candy. For ideas on keeping your family’s teeth healthy this season, just call Colmar Dentistry for Kids in Montgomeryville, Pennsylvania at (215) 822-6777 to talk to a member of our dental staff or to book an appointment with Dr. Deanna Dudenbostel. Happy Halloween!