If You Want Your Child to Have a Top-Notch Oral Health, Avoid Giving Them These Foods

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Your child’s smile is vulnerable to many things, and food is one of them. Well, certain foods. These foods can attack your child’s little chompers and promote dental issues. You don’t want that for your child’s smile, do you? Well, our dentist, Dr. Deanna Dudenbostel, has a recommendation for you: Keep the tooth-harming foods away from your child’s teeth. To help you know which foods to avoid, she is happy to list them for you.

First, chewy and sticky foods. These foods, like granola bars, dried fruit, and sticky candy, have sugar and other harmful substances. When they cling to the teeth for a long period of time, those substances attack the tooth enamel and promote dental issues, especially tooth decay.

Second, sour foods. These foods contain acid, which is a harmful substance that wears down the enamel and makes the teeth vulnerable. This is called enamel erosion. It can promote dental issues and even cause tooth sensitivity.

Third, starchy foods. These foods, like bread and potatoes, turn into sugar particles quickly. This means they can also harm the smile. However, this doesn’t mean your child should stop eating them. It just means they need to clean their smile quickly after eating them.

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