Oral Health Marvels: Teething

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As children are at a high risk for several forms of dental damage, they often require specialized treatment through a pediatric dentist. Various forms of oral health risks that are common in children may not be common in adults, so advanced care will be required. If your child is teething, it means that their teeth are breaking through the gum line, which could be a problem because they could grow in incorrectly, cause other oral health risks or even cause severe pain. Information concerning teething is as follows:

– Teething is primarily an issue because of the pain and discomfort it can cause your child.
– Several symptoms that can arise due to teething can include irritability, fussiness, difficulties sleeping and a loss of appetite.
– Although symptoms are common with teething, severe symptoms require additional care including a pediatric consultation, which can include diarrhea, rashes or a fever associated with teething.
– If your child is suffering from teething, consider the use of one of the following teething tools:

– gauze pads
– a small spoon
– teething rings
– dentist-approved teething toys
– if they are old enough, pain relievers
– if they are old enough, teething tablets

– Be aware of the risks associated with teething gels. The FDA actually warns against using teething gels on a baby’s gums.

If you need any help with treating teething for your child, bring them in to see their pediatric dentist. For more information about teething or if you would like to schedule an appointment with Colmar Dentistry for Kids, you can call us at (215) 822-6777. Dr. Deanna Dudenbostel and our entire team here at our office in Montgomeryville, Pennsylvania, look forward to seeing you.