What Causes Baby Bottle Tooth Decay?

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While teaching your toddler-aged children to learn to brush can be tricky, it’s impossible, dangerous and not advised for children aged 3 and under. For infants and newborns, you can use oral tissues, also defined as tooth wipes. Tooth tissues should be utilized after children swallow or drink sugary foods like juices or fruit, and the tissue should be trashed after a single use.

Baby bottle tooth decay is caused when children receive an excess of sugary chemicals that are not brushed or rinsed away with awesome oral hygiene habits. When sugary foods are allowed to sit on the chompers for too long, they make bacteria which eat away at the pearly whites and weaken oral health in a number of different ways. Sugary substances given to children often include soda and juices in bottles and sugar on a dipped pacifier; do not feed these materials to your newborns.

We hope your little one doesn’t have baby bottle tooth decay, but we’re here to aid them if they do. The Colmar Dentistry for Kids team in Montgomeryville, Pennsylvania, will do all that they can to assist you as you deal with help, so don’t wait to call them at (215) 822-6777 to schedule your next appointment with their team and Dr. Deanna Dudenbostel.