Why Regular Dental Visits Are In Your Child’s Best Interest

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A crucial factor in your child’s dental health is regular dental exams and cleanings performed by a pediatric dentist and her team every six months. Receiving pediatric dental checkups allows your child to be checked for undiagnosed oral problems that can cause chronic dental pain.

Children may not notify adults that they are suffering tooth pain if they don’t comprehend what is happening and why, but untreated dental problems may affect their ability to speak, chew their food, or concentrate and can cause problems with school and learning. Indications that your child is struggling with a dental problem include them appearing tired, anxious, or depressed.

Every six months, our pediatric dentist should evaluate your child’s oral health and assess the following information:

— Your child’s eating habits
— How you or they maintain their oral care
— Dental treatments they received in the past
— Their current dental needs
— How often they drink fluoridated water
— Any factors that could make them more vulnerable to oral disease

During your child’s dental checkup, we may use dental X-rays to detect any underlying dental problems to ensure we have the knowledge to provide the appropriate dental care.

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